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Three years ago, there was an idea to enable businesses to overcome different obstacles and challenges by incorporating information technology solutions into their business models to help them grow proportionately with the modern day advancements in the technology. Now that idea has long been transformed into a reality and has been delivering excellence ever since it came into existence.

2016 > Building The Foundations

The Beginning Of The Road

Immediately after Compute Sol’s inception, its foundations were laid and it came into existence in 2016 and right away went after its aspiration to provide the groundbreaking solutions to the world and in no time we were right onto the track to make our own history.

August – 2016 to January – 2017

Humble Beginnings

In only about 6 months after entering the industry, we had produced some brilliant results by having completed over 400 projects and serving over 200 clients, giving us a start we never could have anticipated. This dream started really boosted up our morals and gave us new aspirations to conquer new grounds.

January – 2017

New Ventures

In 2017, we started a new venture with the GenlTeam. GenlTeam is an award-winning mobile application and game development company that provides development and publishing solutions from scratch concept all the way up to a ready to use a product and we have been partners with them ever since our initial alliance.

April – 2017

Stepping Stones

In April 2017 we started a collaboration with VR Ilusion. VR Ilusion is a very innovation oriented startup working on virtual reality technology to provide a virtual experience platform to the healthcare, gaming, and educational training sector. So far it is a one of a kind virtual experience platform that allows you to touch and feel the virtual experience with your senses. Upon completion, it would become the world’s first ever smart clothing apparel with fully integrated Haptic Feedback, Motion Capture, Climate Control, and Biometric Feedback systems.

June – 2017

Start Working with JF Labs

JF Labs is a very reputed company that is focused to promote the field of Robotics in Pakistan. They have made a name for themselves for providing manufacturing, consultancy, research and development (R&D) and transfer of technology (TOT) services in the Robotics field. They have worked with some very well-known names like Google, Sazgar and also with some very reputed Pakistani universities like Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), University of Lahore (UOL), University of Engineering and Technology (UET) and University of Punjab (PU).

2018 – Now

Milestones In The Making

Compute Sol is currently equipped with all the key players that make up for brilliant technology solutions providing team who are dedicatedly working to make a long-lasting mark in the Information Technology industry.