FOOD RIDER | Food, Groceries and Bakery Items Delivery Application

This is an online food ordering and food delivery services provider that allows a user to choose from the list of on panel restaurants, grocery stores, and bakeries and then choose whatever the user wants to order. The premium feature we have included in this application is Live Tracking feature that allows the user to track their order live. Once the order has been placed, the delivery guy is dispatched to the restaurant’s location and the restaurant is notified about the delivery guy’s location and then the restaurant can track the delivery guy live. When the delivery is received from the restaurant, the customer is notified and then he can track the order’s location live. So in short, NO more excuses for late deliveries and on top of that, you get a more efficient and synchronized system for online food ordering and delivering services.

  • CLIENT Compute Sol
  • YEAR 2017
  • WE DID App Development
  • PARTNERS Hamza Alam
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