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Service Plugged offers you a way to save on home repair jobs, business services, construction projects, and much more. Seemingly simple services such as hiring a plumber or renting construction equipment can be hard to price when factoring in local laws and regulations, toll charges (for deliveries), mandatory insurance coverage, miscellaneous extra fees, unexpected project overruns, etc.

Service Plugged streamlines the decision-making process for you by identifying these potential hangups while helping you gather prices, compare service providers and even order service the same day.

We plan to grow in a careful, considered way and only offer service where we know we can save our customers money and time. Check our services page for the up to date categories and get started now!

  • CLIENT Jose Lopez
  • YEAR 2018
  • WE DID Graphic Designing, SMM
  • PARTNERS Muhammad Bilal Rashid, Iram Marshal, Shohaib, Shoaib
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